Is Server Management For You?

Server Management is important, it is critical that you keep up to date on WordPress and other third party software’s out there due to possible exploits.

Most hacking’s occur because of out dated third party scripts, its also very important to ensure that your Kernel is updated when security is at risk.

QuadraNet offers server management for $29.00/Month per server, brief explanation of what we do to keep your server at optimal performance.

QuadraNet server management is handled by our certified system administrators who are available 24×7 ready to tackle installations, configuration, and troubleshooting assistance of core services like Apache, PHP,
MySQL, third party applications like WordPress, configuration and restoration of backups, migrations and restore assistance, firewall tweaking, cPanel, Plesk, Direct admin, server hardening.

Does your site currently run slow due to WordPress or possible unknown reasons? Give our server management a chance to optimize your server accordingly.


How To Get It

If you are interested in signing up for QuadraNets server management be sure to contact our sales department and have this immediately added to your server, we also do provide this service to our colocation clients so be sure take advantage of this great offer.