[INTERVIEW] Chinese Client Tells His Story

As a leading web hosting service provider in the U.S, QuadraNet has established long-term business partnership with clients from almost every corner of the world. We are delighted to see that more and more clients benefit from our high quality products and services. According to our internal data, especially talking about revenue and client base, Chinese business has been proven to be one of the fastest growing market. As the Asian Account Executives at QuadraNet, many Chinese clients acclaim that they have a very satisfying experience with QuadraNet which leads to rewards for their own business.

Today, I have a great opportunity to do an online interview with one of our Chinese clients, Wei, who is has been a long time valued QuadraNet customer. In the interview, we talked about how Wei chose to do business with QuadraNet from the very beginning stage of his own business. He also shared his experience with QuadraNet as a reseller. At the same time, Wei also identified QuadraNet’s strengths from a client’s perspective. We ended our conversation discussing existing QuadraNet marketing tactics and possible future strategic movements.


Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your business and what you do?

A: We are a Chinese IT company that provides web hosting solutions including purchasing and managing overseas dedicated servers for clients and our own VPS products, etc. In addition to reselling QuadraNet Services, We also provide value-added management and customer service to many Chinese clients.


Q: When did you become a QuadraNet customer? What was the story?

A: I still remember the date: February 26, 2010, on this day I officially became a QuadraNet client. Before that, I pinged almost all test IPs of U.S dedicated server providers that I could possibly find. Considering speed, latency and price, Pacific Rack (Former Company Name) stood out. My first experience with QuadraNet was actually not direct. I purchased VPS from a reseller that was using QuadraNet dedicated servers. However, because that reseller couldn’t provide customer service or technical support as I needed, I was thought of becoming a direct QuadraNet customer and designing my own VPS products.


Q: What do you think of the overall customer experience with QuadraNet?

A: Very satisfied. Great technical support: prompt, and effective. Even when I do not state my issues clearly due to English being my second language, the staff was able to understand my requests and help me as needed. Especially dealing with DDOS, support department blocks these problematic IPs instantly which allows my other VPS clients to function normally. The Sales department is always reachable and helpful to answer pre-sale questions and assist with post sale issues. Thanks to QuadraNet’s excellent product quality and service, my own clients are very satisfied too. We rarely need to advertise our business because the good word-of-mouth of QuadraNet is our best marketing tool.


Q: According to your experience with QuadraNet, what advantages do you think QuadraNet has over competitors?

A: First is the all exclusive customer portal http://manage.quadranet.com/. The presentation is very refreshing. Also, the Chinese language option makes it easy to use. This is probably the most powerful and functional customer portal that I’ve ever used. I especially like functions such as Remote reboot, OS reinstall, transfer upgrade, SSL VPN and etc. IPMI and KVM mounted also help a lot to maximum clients’ control over servers.

Another super star is the Asian Optimized Network, absolutely unique selling point. It is always fast, stable and never overloaded. The latency for Asian Optimized Network is usually under 200ms, which is hard to achieve for many other web hosting providers in U.S.


Q: Can you give some suggestions on how QuadraNet can provide a better customer experience?

A: Keep doing what you are doing now! Perhaps increasing the amount of server inventory you have to meet the growing customer demands. Also, expanding on the cloud hosting services (Note: This service will be open to the public soon!)


Q: In your opinion, which products and service you would like to see QuadraNet provide in future?

A: VPS, cloud VPS, CDN (Content Delivery Network) Acceleration.


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