Intel Xeon E-2124G Servers Now Available!

QuadraNet is pleased to announce our exciting changes to our Dedicated Server line up! A lot of you may not know this yet… however Intel just released a major update to their CPU’s, called the Intel Xeon E-2 Series. The new E-2 series provides some of the fastest performance yet created in a single processor server. We will cover some of the advantages and new features below.

With our dedicated server offers now, you can also opt to deploy with a 256 GB SSD, instead of a 1TB HDD at no additional charge. As always, all of our drives (hard drives and SSD’s) are powered by Enterprise-Grade drives only ensuring top notch reliability, performance, speed and longevity.

Single Processor Servers – E-2 Series

Our Single Processor Servers are now powered by E-2124G, with the option for more powerful options (such as E-2146G) being available as well. QuadraNet is pleased to say we are the first provider to officially offer E-2124G servers, ready for deployment! QuadraNet continues to set the trend as we stay on the forefront of providing our clients with innovative, and most up to date technology.

The “G” indicates Graphics – QuadraNet’s Single Processor Servers by default will now include integrated graphics ability. All servers have the ability to upgrade up to 64 GB of RAM currently, and with a BIOS update in 2019 which is planned, we will be able to scale these all the way up to 128 GB of RAM!

QuadraNet invests in four bay hot-swap chassis servers by default, rather than two. This means that you will always have the peace of mind of knowing you can always add or configure your dedicated server with up to four drives, even if you choose to deploy it with less in the beginning. This is additionally an added benefit to service providers running multi-tenant solutions within their servers (i.e. web hosting or VPS providers) who run RAID-10, as this will allow for hot-swap drive replacements without any downtime.

DID YOU KNOW: The E-2146G processors include 6 Physical & 6 Logical cores, for a total of 12 cores!

While by default we will only provide E-2124G and E-2146G servers as we have found these models to be the most popularly requested among our customers, upon a custom build request, we can also provide other models, such as the E-2176G and E-2186G for those with specific CPU requirements. Feel free to contact our sales team for a custom quote. We’ve attached a comparison chart below for your reference:

Check out our Single Processor Servers Here.

Dual Processor Servers

In addition to the above, we also revamped and changed our entire Dual Processor Dedicated Server Line Up.

We are now offering Dual E5-2650 servers (with new, competitive pricing), as well as Dual E5-2620v4 Servers with DDR4 RAM for those looking to be on the most up to date technology.

Check out our new Dual Processor Servers Here.

Contact Us For A Custom Quote

Here at QuadraNet, we understand that it’s never “one size fits all” in the world of hosting. In fact, more than half of the servers we deploy on an average basis are custom build requests. We can custom tailor a dedicated server/IaaS solution based around your requirements – so if the above RAM, storage, bandwidth or CPU requirements don’t quite match your needs, please feel free to contact us via one of the following methods for a custom quote:

1 – Live Chat via Bottom Right

2- E-mail

3 – Call 888-5-QUADRA

And while you’re at it… ask about our Black Friday Specials so we can fill you in with a sneak peek of what’s to come. We’re extremely customizable and work around your needs — we look forward to working with you!