Intel 320 Series SSD’s arrive at QuadraNet!

Intel has recently launched the new line of solid state drives aimed at both performance and server environments with a slew of new features and capabilities that make them suitable for use in a 24/7 server environment.
QuadraNet is now making these new Intel 320 Series drives available to all clients in all our geographic datacenter locations (currently: Los Angeles and Dallas, more coming soon!) The new SSDs drop cost while increasing capacity and reliability, making them suitable for almost any budget requiring super high performance reads/writes and IOPs.

We have these new SSDs available in the following size flavors, please contact our sales department for more information or to get equipped!

120GB Intel 320 Series SSD
300GB Intel 320 Series SSD
600GB Intel 320 Series SSD

These drives require just a standard SATA controller and can be built into any RAID-level array that you would prefer.

No longer suffer with slow database servers or heavy read/write transactions. Step into an SSD and see how it improves your environment!

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