InfraCloud expands to Dallas and Miami, adds new features


Over the last week, QuadraNet quietly released its new InfraCloud locations in Dallas, Texas, and Miami, Florida. When creating a new InfraCloud instance, clients can now select their choice of location and have a virtual server deployed immediately. Cloud prices will remain the same in all locations. We’re extremely proud of our development team, who have been working tirelessly to roll out multiple location support, as well as a number of other features, some of which have already been released, and some of which are planned for the immediate future.

New features include:

Secondary disk support – clients can now add a secondary disk to their instance and mount it to a mountpoint of their choosing.

IPv6 support – clients can now add an “IPv6” interface to their network and then add a new IPv6 IP to the interface.

Asia Optimized IP support – clients can now add “AO”, or “Asia Optimized” IPv4 addresses to Los Angeles cloud instances. These IPs use additional carriers that are optimized specifically for traffic destined for Asian countries.

Speed improvements – general work has been done to significantly optimize performance on the cloud website. Listing instances and performing tasks will now complete faster and the management portal as a whole should be far more responsive.

Features coming soon:

Snapshot support – clients will be able to create a snapshot of their InfraCloud instances, enabling them to perform full backups or restore existing snapshots in a single click.

Give QuadraNet’s InfraCloud a try and see how it can work for you.

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