Industry News – Google Plans to Shut Down “Slide”

Google Slide

Slide, a San Francisco based company launched in 2005 and has been developing practical and fun applications for social networking sites such as Facebook. The company was acquired by Google in August last year however no purchase price has been disclosed although some press reports estimate that it could have been for $200 million.

Today, Google announced the upcoming closure of this venture and was quoted: “Most of the team from Slide will remain at Google to work on other opportunities,” a Google spokeswoman said in a statement.

With the shutdown of this company, a number of applications are also expected to be “retired”. Applications such as Slideshow, Photovine, Pool Party, and more. Though, the over 100 employees will still be working with Google on other projects.

This is a pretty unexpected decision as Slide has been industry renowned for the creativity and “cool” feel of its applications. It is indeed an unfortunate decision that will affect many however Google is a leader in many industries and they certainly will have a new product or service to offer in the near future. You can visit the Slide Website and try some of the applications before they are “retired”.

What does this mean for us Facebook pros? If you are currently using any of the applications from Slide, you will want to look at alternatives or remove them from your account if you do not plan on using them for the time remaining.

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