Increasing Business Continuity with QuadraNet VEST DDoS Protection

This new year, having a solid business continuity plan in place for your business should be on the top of your list. Business continuity is important for organizations of any size, whether you are a small, medium, or large business – maintaining resilience and reliability is critical to your bottom line.

Ask yourself this, can your business afford downtime caused by a DDoS attack? Is your network environment properly protected from small to large scale DDoS attacks?

In the current day and age, the internet is under heavier and more sophisticated attacks than ever before. DDoS attacks have grown and evolved in size, frequency, and complexity.  There has been a 125% increase in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks year over year. There has also been a 35 percent increase in the average attack duration. In Radware’s prediction report (source), the enterprise cybersecurity company predicts that ransom attacks will be on the rise.

Click on the below image to view a live attack map, which will give you a visual picture of their frequency and intensity:

DDoS attacks are increasing in complexity because the more difficult attacks to mitigate against now mimic real, human behavior – making it harder to distinguish between bot and normal traffic. A good mitigation technology has to distinguish between legitimate traffic and a malicious attack. Any said mitigation solution has to perform harder in order to block a sophisticated DDoS attack. Since these types of attacks continue to be on the rise, and will continue to become more sophisticated, it is important to find a good DDoS protection solution provider that can actually block them, and will keep up with the attackers’ constantly evolving methods.

Downtime can be extremely costly and harmful to your business – every second of uptime matters. Ensure that your business continues to remain online even in the largest of DDoS attacks, with QuadraNet VEST DDoS Protection. QuadraNet VEST DDoS protection is available to all QuadraNet infrastructure services, including: Dedicated Servers, Colocation, InfraCloud and Private Cloud. Customized DDoS protection packages can also be set up for external networks.

Contact our sales team immediately to learn more about our DDoS protection services, and let’s create a business continuity plan for ensuring your business stays online in 2017 and beyond!