In The News: QuadraNet, Inc. Introduces New DDoS Service



Los Angeles Based Leaders in Hosting and Datacenter Solutions QuadraNet, Inc. Introduces New DDoS Service

QuadraNet’s Latest Service Offering Delivers Bulletproof Network Protection from 3rd Party DDoS Attacks

 —QuadraNet, Inc., the leading provider of dedicated servers, colocation, and datacenter solutions in Los Angeles, announced the release of its new DDoS attack mitigation service. This new service helps protect QuadraNet’s datacenter from network security threats while experiencing virtually no down time.

“With our new DDoS attack mitigation capabilities, we can mitigate threats to our customers’ networks before they even realize that an attack was in progress,” said Dustin Cisneros, VP of Sales for QuadraNet. “With network attacks a more serious threat than ever before, this new level of protection for QuadraNet’s customers means that our clients can rest assured that their networks are up and running without interruption.”

As datacenters all around the globe are experiencing a steady increase in the recurrence of DDoS attacks, QuadraNet saw the need for a solution that would automatically detect and mitigate these attacks. Just like many other datacenters, QuadraNet’s previous process often required manual intervention by its network engineers to stop an attack. The former process took resources away from other key tasks involved in running a datacenter. Now that the process is automatic, network engineers are free to focus on other key priorities.

“QuadraNet’s new DDoS service not only provides fast detection and mitigation of DDoS attack vectors and accurate detection of legitimate traffic, but it also allows us to operate at a lower administrative overhead, which in turn helps us to keep our prices lower than our competition.” said Nick Carson, CTO for QuadraNet.

The impact of DDoS attacks on online businesses is clearly seen in the results of a recent network security survey. More than 50% of the participants had reported a DDoS attack against their organization and, of those, over 90% reported an attack in the past 12 months. The most common length of a DDoS attack was between 6 and 24 hours at an estimated cost of $50,000 – $100,000 per hour.

Organizations interested in protecting themselves from DDoS attacks are encouraged to contact QuadraNet to learn how DDoS attack mitigation services can benefit their network connected resources.

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