How-To: QuadraNet IP Justification

This is a step-by-step tutorial to walk you through the process of requesting new IPs from QuadraNet. This process is the same for dedicated servers and colocation customers, and not required for cloud customers.

Step 1: Preface

Log in to our portal at, select “Request IPs” from the left navigation menu, and then click the “Request IPs” link.


Step 2: Company Information

Click “Next” and fill out your company’s information (or personal information, if it’s for personal use). Under “Contact”, you’ll select the authorized contact on file that the IPJ should be filed under. This is who we’ll contact if we have any questions about the form.



Step 3: Current Address Space

All IP space currently assigned to you by QuadraNet, Inc. will be listed on this page. You’ll need to fill out what percentage of each range is in use. Generally, if you’re requesting additional IP space for existing equipment, all of your existing ranges should be either nearly completely or completely utilized. If you’re requesting new IP space for new equipment, this may not be the case. If you have other IP space from a different provider, you can click the “+” in the top-right corner and list it manually.



Step 4: Requested Address Space

In this step, you will specify how much IP space you’re requesting, what equipment it will be assigned to, and describe how and when you plan to use it. If the IP space is for a new (not yet provisioned) device, select “New Device” from the Device dropdown; otherwise, select the existing server or cabinet it will be assigned to. Then select whether you are requesting IPv4 or IPv6 address space and how much space you are requesting. If you’re not sure how to read CIDR notation (/29, /28, etc.), you can use our handy IP calculator located at The most commonly requested block size is a /29, which is 5 usable IP addresses. Under “Usage Plan”, specify what percentage of the range will be in use after 30 days’ time, 60 days’ time, and 180 days’ time. Finally, describe what you will be using the IP space for. Please note that “webhosting” is not a valid justification for additional IP resources, as name-based virtual hosting allows you to host an infinite number of domain names on a single IP address.4

Step 5: Submit for Review

If you have any additional comments or notes for your justification, enter them here. Please enter any information directly into this section and do not link to any external documentation or sources.5

Step 6: Admin Approval

Your form has been submitted and is now waiting for a Network Administrator to approve it. Go grab a Twix® and get Nginx and MySQL configured while we take some time to make sure everything looks good. Refresh the page and if “Next” is clickable, click it! (Note: if you log out, you’ll need to log back in to our portal, click “Request IPs”, “IP Request Status”, and then select the form and browse through to the end.)6

Step 7: Admin Approval

Once a Network Administrator has approved the request, you’ll see an acceptance note. Click “Next” to proceed to the last page.


Step 8: Client Attestation

On this page, you’ll need to review the completed form. The Network Administrator who reviewed your form may have recommended some changes, which will be shown to you. Additionally, if we were unable to offer you your requested size IP block, this will be displayed to you under “Offered Size.” If you have questions about why you weren’t offered the block size you requested, please email and include your IPJ form number in the subject. Once you’re satisfied that all the information looks good, click “Complete” and then type your name in the box. Congrats! Your new IPs will be provided to you shortly.