How to Prepare Your Website for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Prevent Site Issues on the Busiest days of the year

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, it is really important that your server can cope with the sudden increase of traffic during the busiest shopping days of the year. When looking into the traffic stats comparing Black Friday with a normal Friday over the past few years, we see a great influx of almost 220%, compared to a 150% increase in traffic on Cyber Monday. Such traffic surges can out quite a lot of stress onto your site server, so much in fact, that your site can become really unresponsive and “laggy” or in worst case scenarios (that have happened to online businesses before on Black Friday) is your site to go completely down at the worst possible time, losing you a fortune in missed revenue.

DDoS Attack increases around Black Friday and Cyber Monday

DDoS attacks increase around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Experts generally agree that if someone wants to “showcase” their ability, what better time as when most of the US and Europe are searching for the best online deals? Last year some massive UK retail stores (Argos, John lewis, Boohoo and Boots) and some of the most well known US companies including, Paypal, Netflix, Reddit and Spotify all took DDoS hits at some point or another during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, not only causing them major disruption, but also huge financial losses. With a massive 3.5 Billion Dollars spent over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend and the attacks increasing each year, it’s imperative that you protect your online business.

Fear Your Competition  

In the world we live in today, it is a “dog eat dog” society. Not only do you have to protect yourself from online cyber criminals, but your competition can take you out with an attack during the busiest period, ensuring all the business in your related niche subject goes in their direction. You might think that is far-fetched or outlandish? Well not according to the cyber anti-virus protection giant, Kaspersky. Kaspersky Lab research have found that certain DDoS attacks can be purchased for as little as $3.00 for a 5 minute attack or up to $400 for a 24 hour assault. Kaspersky calculated that an attack from a Cloud-based botnet of around 1000 PC’s is likely to cost the hackers around $6 per hour, which yields a massive profit for the cyber-criminals undertaking such attacks.

Industrial sabotage from companies looking to undermine their competition is certainly on the increase and something you should be wary of. “Booter” portals (a place where someone can hire a hacker) can take as little as 15 minutes to start an attack after payment. Researches found that on 2016, three of the most active booter services had around 6500 subscribers and had launched over half a million attacks within a 9 month timeframe.  

Key Summarization of Expected DDoS Attacks Black Friday Weekend

  • Targeted threats increasing year on year with cyber-attacks becoming extremely profitable.
  • Key attack methods not only come from from DDoS attacks but also Phishing/Spam/Smishing, Account takeovers, Point of sale malware and malvertising.
  • Recent advances in DDoS attacks are making it more and more difficult to protect yourself.
  • Major chains have been affected over the last few years. If they can have outages, so can you. Take precautions as an extra security measure.  

How can QuadraNet protect your business during the holiday season?

QuadraNet not only offers our clients dedicated servers for a fast, smooth operation, but we also offer a multi-layer solution that detects when a DDoS attack is about to take place. Within seconds, our protection platform springs to life, filtering out the unwanted traffic to ensure your business remains online. No matter what the threat or flux in holiday traffic, we have you covered with the best network of servers and protection in the US and possibly the world.

What we Offer and How we Protect your Business


  • Volumetric DetectionThis service we offer relies on your traffic volume and data frequencies from known outlays. If we detect unusual activity, the traffic is diverted to our quarantine center.
  • Behavioral detectionThe service establishes unusual patterns in your website traffic so that anomalies can identified be sectioned.  
  • Custom-built detectionThis service is designed to detect “in-line or out-of-path” traffic streams designed for larger networks. We will configure the detection method around your business needs.


  • Signature Based MitigationThis protective measure uses signatures to quickly prevent the most common DDoS attacks.
  • Network Anomaly MitigationThis protocol identifies your website traffic patterns, ensuring any anomalies are detected quickly.
  • Cloud Based MitigationThis allows us to detect your legitimate traffic and migrate attack traffic to our quarantine database. Cloud based mitigation is usually put in place for larger organizations.


  • Attack History and Notification – As soon as an attack is identified, we will create a ticket advising you on the size of the attack and when the attack has subsided.
  • Attack Intelligence and Reporting Portal – The reporting portal allows users to look into traffic samples, generate reports and obtain details about past attacks.

To checkout our subscriptions and pricing packages please click here to learn more about QuadraNet VEST DDoS protection.

Stay Safe this Holiday Season

We are QuadraNet are a dedicated team to ensure your website is as protected as possible. We strive to keep your operations running no matter if it’s the holiday season or otherwise. Be smart and stay one step ahead in the cyber world.

Contact us today, our solutions specialists are happy to help customize a solution to ensure your website is ready for the holiday traffic.