How To Add A Credit Card: In QuadraNet Ubersmith Client Portal


#1. After logging into the secure QuadraNet Client Portal click View Invoices. (Note: You will not be able to pay your invoice until you add a credit card. Please follow the tutorial).

Client Services1



#2. From the View Invoices: Unpaid Invoices page click View Invoices|Pay Online.


Unpaid Invoices


#3. From View Invoices|Pay Online page click the blue hyperlink  where it says “Click here to add a credit card.” (Note: if you are paying with PayPal select PayPal from the drop down which reads by default “Charge Credit Card”).


View Unpaid Invoice


#4. The fourth and final step is to add your credit card information to the form fields and click Save at the bottom of the page. Now you can pay your invoice!


Add Credit Card

* By default when you add a credit card to pay the invoice you agree to automatic renewal (see above screenshot). If you do not want your credit card to stay on file please contact our Billing department to remove the credit card from automatic renewal.

QuadraNet Billing Department


Disclaimer: Prices shown in tutorial are for sample purposes only and do not reflect the actual cost of products being shown.