Facebook Takes New Steps To Secure Messages To Users


Facebook announced today, that in an effort to enhance the privacy of its users, individuals could now add an OpenPGP public key to their profile.

While Facebook has allowed connections to run over HTTPS and has recently provided Tor support for users who want to enjoy security guarantees beyond HTTPS, emails from the social media giant are visible over plain text to anyone with access to your email account or email provider.

This new experimental feature will allow users to add an OpenPGP public key to their account. This will enable Facebook to secure end-to-end messages with the users that activate this feature.

Facebook users may also choose to publicly share their OpenPGP keys on their profile so that others may send them encrypted emails as well.

Once enabled, Facebook will sent outbound messages to users using their own key so that users know that the messages they receive from Facebook are genuine.

You may add and publish your own public key, using a desktop browser, at:


Created almost 25 years ago, OpenPGP is one of the more popular solutions for protecting email with public key encryption.  To learn more about OpenPGP visit: https://ssd.eff.org/en/module/introduction-public-key-cryptography-and-pgp

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