Compliant Hosting

Compliant Hosting

Our Data Centers are operated following the standards set forth by HIPAA’s stringent requirements. Reduce risk and ensure HIPAA compliance with QuadraNet’s HIPAA hosting solutions tailored to protect your sensitive data and designed to meet HIPAA’s privacy and security standards and related administrative, physical, and technical safeguards.hipaa-compliance

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QuadraNet’s offers:

HIPAA Compliant Colocation

If you are dedicating more of your space to patient-centric use or need a HIPAA compliant offsite recovery option, take advantage of any of our locations, fully operated by our HIPAA trained staff. Let us take care of that for you, so you can focus more on transforming patient care and less on infrastructure.

You may choose a secured cabinet, a cage, or a private suite; we will work with your budget and needs for the best solutions.

HIPAA Compliant Dedicated Servers
Enjoy the benefits of fully managed dedicated servers hosted in a HIPAA compliant environment. Our secure, high availability and fully redundant data centers are independently audited against the HIPAA audit protocol. With offsite backup and cloud-based disaster recovery options, your data and applications are fully protected.

HIPAA Compliant Managed Servers
Protect your healthcare applications with fully managed servers hosted in a high-availability environment and watched over by staff who are trained in compliance and security to ensure all of the appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards are in place.

You may add that to your colocation or dedicated package.

Why choose QuadraNet?

It’s simple.

We operate all of our data centers with security-minded staff who make sure that access is tightly controlled with a layered approach to security that includes training, policies, and technologies. We value getting to know our clients well and are proactive to investigate any unusual activity. We’ll work with you to make sure your infrastructure lowers the risk of unauthorized physical or technical access to your organization’s systems.

As a Business Associate dedicated to protecting patient data, we train all of our staff regularly and are audited annually in accordance with the HIPAA audit protocol. We sign Business Associate Agreements in a timely fashion and understand our responsibility to monitor and report any suspicious activity that might jeopardize patient data.

For some healthcare applications, lives are literally on the line. Your servers will reside in our high-availability, fully redundant infrastructure with multiple feeds for power, network, and internet service providers. Whether you are improving your offsite backup and recovery or moving your healthcare production applications all the way to the top of the high-availability spectrum by adding technologies like replication, we’ll help you evaluate the options and find the most appropriate match for your applications.