E3-V6 Series Processors Coming Out Soon! Pre-Order Today

The new Intel Xeon E3-V6 CPU processor series from Intel is scheduled for a release date of 3/28/2017.

The following CPU models under this series will be available:

– E3-1220v6
– E3-1225v6
– E3-1230v6
– E3-1240v6
– E3-1245v6
– E3-1270v6
– E3-1276v6

Are you interested in pre-ordering a dedicated server with QuadraNet with the latest upcoming CPU model release? This can be customized with your desired amount of DDR4 RAM, and your desired drive set up. Please e-mail sales@quadranet.com to pre-order your E3-v6 series dedicated server today, in any of our 5 datacenter locations: Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta and Chicago.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the X11SSl-F motherboard (with 2.0 BIOS) is already released to support E3-V6 CPUs?