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QuadraNet Vest DDoS Mitigation Comparison

Volumetric DDoS Detection

Volumetric detection relies on traffic volume and frequency to known protocols. In the event they exceed safe limits, the DDoS is detected and traffic is shifted to our scrubbing center.

Behavioral DDoS Detection

Behavioral detection uses your real traffic to establish patterns and baselines in-line so that anomalies can be discovered and classified.

Custom-built DDoS Detection

Custom-built detection allows us to perform traffic sampling in-line or out-of-path, or use flow data for larger networks. We’ll tailor the detection method to suit your business needs.

Signature Based Mitigation

This mitigation method uses attack signatures to quickly block the attacks which are most frequently seen in the wild.

Network Anomaly Mitigation

Anomaly mitigation is linked with behavioral detection. Once your traffic patterns are well known, anomalies can be classified by heuristics and mitigation actions can be undertaken.

Cloud Based Mitigation

Cloud mitigation enables us to shift legitimate and attack traffic to global scrubbing centers around the world allowing us to defend against large volumetric attacks.

Attack Traffic Capacity




Attack History & Notification

When an attack is discovered, you will be notified by ticket regarding the attack size parameters. You will also receive notifications whenever an attack exceeds thresholds, and when the attack ceases.

Attack Intelligence & Reporting Portal

The intelligence and reporting portal allows you to look at traffic samples, generate compliance reports, and get in-depth information about previous attacks and the countermeasures used.

One-time Attack Reports

For customers using on-demand service, you can submit a ticket to have us create a report about the attack you sustained for a one-time fee of $50.




Management Subscription

Reactive management means that we will respond reactively to attacks that occur and resolve issues as they arise. If you have a proactive subscription, we will perform maintenance and analyze your attack history to make changes to improve and maintain service reliability. We are also able to tailor a management subscription to give you exactly the service you need with guaranteed response times depending upon your business’s needs.




Initial Set-up

Automatic set-up is for on-demand customers where we will use estimated traffic baselines to quickly establish mitigation countermeasures. Guided set-up means a security professional will work with you to establish and confirm learned traffic patterns and baselines. A full-service set-up is best for larger businesses which have specific requirements for detection, mitigation, and commissioning of the solution.




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Detection On-Demand Always-On Dedicated
Volumetric DDoS Detection True True True
Behavioral DDoS Detection False True True
Custom-built DDoS Detection False False True
Signature Based Mitigation True True True
Network Anomaly Mitigation False True True
Cloud Based Mitigation False False True
Attack Traffic Capacity <30Gbit <40Gbit <40Gbit
Attack History & Notification True True True
Attack Intelligence & Reporting Portal False True True
One-time Attack Reports $50 $0 $0
Management & Set-up
Management Subscription Reactive Proactive Custom
Initial Set-up Automatic Guided Full-Service