December 2016 QuadraNet Newsletter

Welcome to the December edition of the QuadraNet Newsletter!

At this joyous time of the year, the holiday season offers us a special opportunity to appreciate our valued customers and partners for allowing us the opportunity and privilege to work with you. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our clients and partners, so we thank you for making this possible. And so we wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a Happy New Year! May you soar into the new year filled with health, happiness and prosperity.

As always, if you need any assistance or have any questions about our company and services, please feel free to contact us.

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QuadraNet Cold Aisle Containment Project – Status Updatecoldaislecontainment

It’s officially been three months since we have begun implementing cold aisle containment within our Los Angeles datacenters.

The project, headed by Director of Operations, David Morris and Support and Facilities Manager, Andrew Moore was completed in October 2016. QuadraNet has seen positive and significant results since the completion of this project.

Cold Aisle containment allows for energy efficiency, the concept behind it is containing the cold air in cold aisles, to increase cooling capacity and the cooling efficiency of the datacenters.

With this cold aisle containment project, we have seen cooling efficiency increase by over 35%. The cold aisle containment project augments and goes hand-in-hand with our existing cold and hot row aisles arrangement within our datacenters, by enclosing the cold aisle. As the cold air cannot escape or be contaminated by the hot air, we provide constant and consistent temperatures at both the top and bottom of the server racks. This set up has many operational advantages as we’ve witnessed first-hand, and also helps ensure server longevity.

QuadraNet Environmental Monitoring

QuadraNet has deployed a new environmental monitoring system to increase efficiency and monitoring abilities within our datacenters.

The environmental monitoring project was lead by Support and Facilities Manager, Andrew Moore. This was a proprietary tool developed from the ground-up, designed around QuadraNet’s datacenter habitat.

Environmental monitoring is the systematic sampling of air in order to analyze the environment your equipment is in. This is conducted and monitored on a frequent basis to ensure the datacenter environment that servers are housed in are in ideal conditions at all times.environmental-monitor

The environmental monitoring system monitors for high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, low humidity, air flow loss, high head pressure, air filters, alarms, and more.  QuadraNet has also implemented new visual monitoring tools that work alongside with the new proprietary environmental monitoring systems. QuadraNet is fully staffed, on-site 24×7 monitoring our datacenters to ensure your servers remain in an ideal and comfortable environment.

Andrew Moore commented: “I’m excited about continuing to develop and improve this new environmental monitoring appliance tool for QuadraNet. This is a next step forward for efficiency, we are now able to monitor our 10+ datacenters with ease and work to prevent problems from happening before they even arise.”

When Mr. Moore was asked how he envisions the future of the monitoring appliance being, he commented: “This is only the beginning. The environmental monitoring solution has proven to be efficient and allows QuadraNet’s 24×7 NOC to effectively monitor the environmental status of our datacenters with ease. Throughout the past few months, we have been tweaking our appliance to reduce the amount of false positives, and we’re pleased to now be able roll out this appliance in production throughout our datacenters. QuadraNet is evolving as our customer’s needs are evolving, we strive for continuous innovation and we’re always doing everything in our power to earn the trust, loyalty and business of our valued clients & partners.”

holiday-messageHappy Holidays, from our family to yours!

This holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our success possible – our valued clients and partners like you! The team at QuadraNet wishes you peace, prosperity and joy throughout the coming year. Thank you for your continued patronage and partnership, we look forward to continuing to work with you in the years to come.

QuadraNet wishes you and your family’s a Happy Holiday season!