DDoS Protection is the Foundation of Site & Data Availability

When we think of DDoS protection, we often think about how to keep our website up and running. While searching for a security solution, you’ll find several options that are similar on the surface. The main difference is whether your organization requires a cloud, on-premise or hybrid solution that combines the best of both worlds. Finding a DDoS mitigation/protection solution seems simple, but there are several things to consider.

It’s important to remember that DDoS attacks don’t just cause a website to go down. While the majority do cause a service disruption, 90 percent of the time it does not mean a website is completely unavailable, but rather there is a performance degradation. As a result, organizations need to search for a DDoS solution that can optimize application performance and protect from DDoS attacks. The two functions are natural bedfellows.

Finding the Right DDoS Solution

DDoS protection was born out of the need to improve availability and guarantee performance.  Today, this is critical. We have become an application-driven world where digital interactions dominate. A bad experience using an app is worse for customer satisfaction and loyalty than an outage.  Most companies are moving into shared infrastructure environments—otherwise known as the “cloud”— where the performance of the underlying infrastructure is no longer controlled by the end user.

Keeping the aforementioned points in mind, here are some key factors to consider when looking at modern enterprise DDoS solutions:

  • How much DDoS protection size is included? Is it a reasonable amount, or is it clearly an oversubscribed amount of protection? For example, QuadraNet delivers all of our dedicated servers with 3Gbps of included DDoS protection for free, with additional protection available for an additional monthly fee. We are able to deliver this without oversubscribing our protection capabilities, thus guaranteeing every customer true and always available protection.
  • Is the DDoS protection being delivered remotely, or within the same physical datacenter? Having the DDoS protection being filtered on-site is important in order to minimize latency in the event your website or application is under attack. QuadraNet VEST provides on-site DDoS protection.
  • Is a network team available 24×7 to adjust any routes or optimize your protection if and as needed? QuadraNet has a 24×7 expert networking team available to ensure your application is always protected and running in an optimal state.
  • What DDoS protection provider is your provider using? Are they a trusted resource in the security industry? QuadraNet VEST is powered by Radware, a publicly traded & leading security appliance company that protects many Inc 500 companies and commonly visited websites today.
This article was brought to you by QuadraNet, and our DDoS protection partner, Radware. You can read more on Radware’s Blog.