DDoS Denied – How to Keep Safe From Cyberattacks

Your network performance is unusually sluggish. You keep receiving calls from customers or even coworkers that are having trouble accessing your services. Your server data shows a sky-high increase in traffic, but not the good kind. There is no doubt – these are the symptoms of a DDoS attack.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is an issue that is by no means new, but it has seen a massive surge in popularity in the past decade. It’s not the sophisticated, high-tech and advanced type of cyberattack that you’d associate with the work of a hacker mastermind, and that is perhaps the major reason behind its ubiquity. Anyone can setup a DDoS attack, and the outcome can be devastating for your business if appropriate measures aren’t taken as fast as possible, or if you don’t have the necessary security in place to begin with.

This article will get you further acquainted with the implications of DDoS attacks on businesses, as well as other points of concern that you should watch out for when choosing how to protect your servers from this type of attack that could turn into a nightmare if left unchecked. The key to overcoming this common problem lies within knowing how it works, the outcomes it may lead to and taking a proactive approach. So why are DDoS attacks so dreaded?

DDoS Is Crude, but Effective

The main reason why DDoS attacks are considered the threat they are to businesses, isn’t related to their complexity – we aren’t talking about notorious hacker groups launching their magnum opus here. The source of most DDoS takedowns is a botnet assault which involves massive traffic: in other words, the equivalent of a swath of phantom computers trying to access your servers at the same time. Therefore, DDoS isn’t what you’d typically associate with hacking or cyberattacks. It simply blocks access to your network by flooding it with malicious traffic, thus inhibiting legitimate users from connecting.

While there really isn’t any data hijacking in DDoS attacks, it can open the doors to further tampering with your servers. If you’re vulnerable to DDoS, you are also running the risk of your firewalls and other security tools being disabled, which almost always results in a financial disaster. Even if you don’t get hit there, a prolonged DDoS assault that isn’t resolved in time can easily cost you in the hundreds of thousands. Let’s look at the statistics: in the past three years, there has been an increasing amount of DDoS attacks that are becoming more and more elaborate. This leads to even greater losses for businesses, and not just monetary ones.

Leading industries such as technology, finance and software have had their fair share of DDoS intrusions – at least half of the companies in these sectors have reported an attack at some point. A whopping 49% of those attacks have lasted anywhere between 6 and 24 hours; incurred losses in the $50,000 to $100,000 range are very common. Once a DDoS attack is launched, your server takes a hit instantly – even with minimal downtime, your business will suffer. And if actions aren’t taken, the situation may escalate to the point where recovery is improbable.

DDoS doesn’t just cost you money – crucial aspects of your company’s image such as security and risk management are compromised as well, and the consequences are reflected in the customer’s opinion of your business. If a DDoS attack isn’t handled adequately, you may lose valuable clientele and suffer a permanent stain on your reputation. At QuadraNet, we believe that every hour spent under DDoS siege is an hour too long, which is why we have decided to provide a proactive approach to dealing with these obnoxious cyberattacks.

Our VEST DDoS protection doesn’t just wait for DDoS activity to materialize before resolving the issue. It’s always there, monitoring traffic as it makes its way toward your network. Our innovative multi-layer scrubbing processes are able to detect the initial stages of a DDoS attack – as soon as this happens, actions are taken to filter out the malicious traffic. Powered by Radware’s Active Mitigation System, our VEST DDoS protection offers exceptional accuracy in traffic detection and guaranteed resolution without customers ever feeling the negative impact of DDoS attacks. We have made it one of our main objectives to keep you safe from the disrupting nature of DDoS, which is why we are here to ensure that your servers remain online with zero downtime and your business doesn’t take any losses, even when targeted by malicious activities.

Beware of False Advertising

The threat of DDoS has given birth to something else you need to keep in mind before choosing a protection service. Virulent as they are, DDoS attacks are typically the focal point of most service providers – everyone is going to tell you all about how your server equipment will be absolutely safe at all times, no matter how many DDoS attacks it’s exposed to. Our advice to you is to take these propositions with a grain of salt – oversold and misleading pitches certainly aren’t in short supply when it comes to providers peddling their DDoS protection platforms. Unfortunately, this has become the norm – on one hand, the issue is widespread and potentially instrumental to the downturn of every business out there. On the other, it’s often impossible to explain how your equipment will be protected against malicious attacks in layman’s terms, so there is a lot of leeway for abusing the element of trust between customer and provider. It’s not rare for services to give you every guarantee under the sun that your server will be in capable hands, when in reality they are banking on no issues arising – and if issues do arise, they won’t be capable to respond accordingly while your business will be in a less-than-desirable predicament.

At QuadraNet, we have always placed great emphasis on customer attention and transparency. We like to be upfront with our clients because we believe this is the only way we can meet our high standard of service that we strive to accomplish and improve upon with each passing day. Here, you won’t find an oversold proposition that is all style and no substance – just the facts. Our VEST DDoS protection comes with up to 3Gbps at no additional cost; furthermore, we have three different options available to better suit the size of your business and the nature of your needs. If you require a package specifically tailored for your purposes, you can always discuss options with our DDoS solution specialists. Furthermore, our partnership with Radware means that you get the same quality and reliability that multiple Inc 500 companies, including PayPal and eBay, have chosen for their DDoS protection.

Choose Wisely – Your Business Depends on It

DDoS attacks have the potential to result in overwhelming damage to your business. You need to make sure that your DDoS protection is up to par with current demands, and that it not only says it’s good, but actually performs accordingly as well. One thing is for sure – in today’s world where a tech newbie can learn how to make a DDoS attack from some website or even YouTube, businesses absolutely must be protected against this obnoxious activity. The costs of having DDoS protection are way lower than the ones that will be incurred by an assault on unprotected equipment. But make sure your choice isn’t one that won you over with charisma and fancy dictionary – instead, look towards a service that doesn’t just want to sell itself to you, but is backed up with facts, proof and reputation.

We are always aiming to go above and beyond expectations and be the change we want to see – as such, we offer our QuadraNet VEST DDoS protection, powered by Radware, first and foremost to ensure smooth operation of server equipment and to guarantee our customers are safe from DDoS attacks, as we believe every reputable provider out there should be doing.

If your website is under attack, or if you would like to learn more about how to protect your infrastructure from DDoS attacks, please feel free to contact a DDoS specialist by e-mail, or by phone at 1-888-578-2372.