cPanel Version 66 – New Features

cPanel Version 66 – New Features

cPanel/WHM Version 66 is currently in EDGE status, and is soon to be pushed to “CURRENT” release of the update cycle.

We’d like to touch base on the new features that are available in Version 66.

Application Manager

cPanel is releasing a new feature in cPanel called the Application Manager. The Application Manager allows you to deploy and maintain your Ruby applications with ease. The goal is to be able to expand the Application Manager beyond just Ruby applications to provide support for additional languages (Node.js anyone?). In this iteration there is some work that needs to be done by root in order to enable the Application Manager, but in future releases, cPanel is planning to make that a bit easier.

Application Manager

If you develop Ruby applications, this feature is built specifically with you in mind.

AutoSSL Domain Management in cPanel

With version 66 cPanel users can choose to exclude their domains from AutoSSL inside the SSL/TLS Status interface of cPanel.

AutoSSL Domain Exclusion

WHM users will also be able to manage those settings, either through cPanel or by using the related API calls on the command line. Another widely requested feature is the ability to prevent certain domains from being issued SSLs through AutoSSL as a root or reseller user.

PHP-FPM enabled by default, conversion for all accounts, and config scripts

cPanel is continuing to improve its PHP-FPM support in Version 66 by adding two new options. First you will be able to set PHP-FPM as the default PHP handler, rather than having to manually enable it after account creation. This includes a dialog box in the interface that helps root users. Second, they’ve added an option in the WHM interface, an API call, and a flag to the command line php_fpm_config script for converting all of your existing accounts to PHP-FPM with Apache.

FPM by default

cPanel has additionally added a new php_fpm_config script. After any manual edits to the PHP-FPM configuration files, run /scripts/php_fpm_config to install those configuration files. You can also use this script to troubleshoot problems in the FPM system. The obvious next step is to be able to more easily configure a wider range of PHP-FPM settings on a per-account basis.

Full EasyApache 4 Profile Management

You can now easily convert your existing EA4 build into a profile, upload a profile that you have, and download any EA4 build profile on your server.

EA4 profile management

WHM UI (User Interface) Improvements

Over the last couple releases, cPanel has been making significant progress in reducing WHM’s reliance on frames. In version 66, we have eliminated the last few completely, which is making WHM on mobile devices much easier to use, and significantly improving the experience in the cPanel App.

Many plugin developers are working with cPanel to get things updated and working correctly in a frameless WHM UI.

WHM Usability Improvements

First, a large portion of cPanel & WHM servers are only hosting a single cPanel account. Historically, even in those situations many of the WHM interfaces that would make you choose that account before being able to proceed with the next step. Those WHM interfaces no longer prompt for you to pick a user if you’re on a server with only one user.

The existing keyboard shortcuts in WHM are also being expanded in version 66, and will include the collapsing and expanding of the sidebar in WHM.


  • Ruby on Rails support
    With the addition of the Application Manger cPanel is deprecating the existing Ruby Interface and all of the things that go with it: /scripts/installruby, the Ruby cPanel interface, use of the outdated system Ruby backed by rails. This helps encourage people to start using the new feature, and a current version of Ruby.
  • Both WHM API’s XML output format 
    The existing XML output format for WHMAPI0 and WHMAPI1 isn’t widely used, is poorly supported, and isn’t technically a valid XML format. If you’re using this format, we recommend moving to JSON format.
  • TLS version 1.0 
    cPanel is deprecating support of TLS version 1.0 in version 68, with plans to remove support in version 70.


If you already have cPanel/WHM with your QuadraNet dedicated server, please feel free to contact our support for any assistance you may need in updating your cPanel installation.

Not running cPanel, but interested in learning more? Contact us – we’re more than happy to help evaluate your options and provide you with a demo of cPanel!