[CHINA REPORT] – Five Things to Consider When Hosting in the U.S


In the past  few years, the Asian Market, with a focus on mainland China and Taiwan, has demonstrated tremendous growth and business potential to web hosting providers in United States. As one of the largest dedicated server and colocation provider in the Los Angeles area, QuadraNet serves a wide range of both corporate and individual clients from that area. From my experience with our Asian clients as the Chinese sales representative at QuadraNet, I’d like to suggest some important things that should be considered when planning to host with web hosting companies in U.S.


1) Location and Speed

Due to long geographic distance between China and United States, certain latency is inevitable. There are different data center locations in all parts of America. For Chinese clients, the best location choices are along West Coast. QuadraNet’s Los Angeles data center is the most popular location among our Chinese clients, where they can enjoy excellent speed and low latency from our Asia Optimized Network where customized network routes optimization is provided to Chinese clients.


2) Configurations and Added Value Services

Different business may have specific requirements for web hosting services. Besides of base configurations, is there enough space for software/hardware/network customization? QuadraNet provide a broad upgrade and add-on service options. For more requests on dedicated server and colocation, clients can directly contact sales team for a better solution.


3) Customer Service

From my communication with Chinese clients, the top two obstacles in creating better customer experience is language and timing. We provide 24×7 monitoring and basic administration for free. Our clients can simply contact us through all-exclusive customer portal : https://manage.quadranet.com to submit support ticket for technical support. For other non-technical questions, as the Chinese sales here, I can assist with Chinese clients’ requests as well as post-sale issues in your most comfortable language.


4) Payment Options

Along with International Credit Card (VISA and Mastercard), we suggest Chinese clients to sign up for Paypal Accounts since Paypal is one of the safest way to make online payment and is widely accepted by many oversea merchants. An international credit card is not necessary. As long as you have an Unionpay card, you can link Unionpay card to your Paypal account to make payment.  The amount in US dollars will be converted into RMB directly based on the transaction day’s exchange rate and deducted from your UnionPay card.  By doing this, you don’t need to pay any currency conversion fee, which may help you save 1% to 2% of the transaction amount. You can find more information at:
QuadraNet provides month-by-month payment which allows clients have more flexibility to manage their servers and minimize financial risks.


5) Loyalty Plan Enrollment

The best way to get a variety of discounts and exclusive promotion is to join Loyalty Plan with web hosting providers. Some clients may think that the more servers that they have with web hosting companies, the greater discount they can get. It is true in many cases. However, a good Loyalty Plan is more about trust and relationship. Trust comes from good communication. Both clients and web hosting companies need to communicate well about each other’s business to get better understanding. As for relationship, the more stable relationship that clients have with their web hosting providers, the more that companies will value your business and prioritize your needs. To create such a stable business relationship, joining Loyalty Plan from your first server’s order is a good start. QuadraNet always welcome mature and stable loyalty plan members. As our loyalty plan member, you can enjoy up to 20% price discount, discounted upgrade options, free KVM mount and free basic security auditing. We are still working on providing more perks for our valued customers.

Please contact Sales for exclusive offers.

Written by Yue Ma