Benefits Of Migrating Infrastructure From An Office To A Datacenter

While the idea of a personal server management environment seems exquisite, it just isn’t sustainable as your firm grows. At its initial stages, any online firm can be managed at a personal office by a small set of workers. But as its audience grows, it starts demanding for more space in various aspects of management. This is why a colocation program is essential for growing online businesses today.

Datacenter space, also referred to as colocation, basically means migrating your personal servers(s) located in your office to an actual, fully compliant & redundant data center. The data center then provides various services like server management, data management, efficiency, and much more. However, are the benefits offered by colocation programs actually helpful and required? Let’s find out.


A reliable working environment filled with competent staff is possibly what every business owner dreams of. With a genuine colocation program, this area need not require extra attention.

Colocation data centers account entirely for the market status of the firm they work for involving thousands of dollars in the process. In short, colocation providers are not allowed any mistakes whatsoever while being an active program provider. Therefore, a lot of effort goes into the curation of these programs. These providers keep 24/7 surveillance of all the hardware which can be accessed only by senior staff members and on-site staff which are responsible for their protection.

A good colocation program will not only cover any possible agenda failures but will also provide redundancy in their solutions. Therefore, a customer should always seek for a colocation program which provides redundancy in terms of power, network and backup units.


While some would initially argue that it is possible to replicate the performance given by a colocation provider, but, it really isn’t.

Colocation providers like QuadraNet use utilize high quality datacenter infrastructure, in addition to a redundant network mix to ensure top-notch performance is delivered to the client. They keep their IT hardware in a cold, humid, power efficient and dust-free environment to make sure peak performance is obtained from them. For example – QuadraNet provides a DDoS protected network, protecting your public facing infrastructure from DDoS attacks at all times! Learn more about QuadraNet DDoS Protection.


Regulatory compliance is essential for online business today especially to those dealing with confidential information transactions. Failing to meet the compliance guidelines results in the loss of a potential client’s trust. However, if you get yourself a colocation package, it also covers this area.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and HIPAA (Healthcare Information Portability and Accountability Act) are two of the most prime examples of certifications which the government asks today. These certifications range in thousands of dollars and must be annually renewed. However, a good colocation provider provides a fully compliant system saving a decent amount of money of the client while relieving them from the hassle of being tossed about for certifications. Apart from that, colocation providers also only hire the best possible staff for their data center to ensure the client’s critical data.

QuadraNet is SOC 2 Certified! Click on the below link to learn more.

Financial Flexibility

Most amateur business owners try to save as much money as they can on their business setup. Colocation is also a pervasive aspect of investment which many try to skip in the hope of saving some bucks. However, what many fail to realize is that they actually have to spend more money if they don’t invest in a colocation program.

It is safe to say that as a business owner who has not shifted their office space to a data center, you are required to separately handle the expenses for different areas in your office including frequent maintenance costs. This eventually costs more (in terms of time, the effort needed and money) than what you might invest in a data center.

A proper data center comes with the expertise of a highly skilled professional staff providing continuous maintenance, space for upgrades and high-quality hardware to make sure no faults are experienced. Therefore, the business owner is free from separately handling the expenses of different aspects of their hosting infrastructure. They can now flexibly focus on the growth of their company and turn to the colocation provider for any problems in the services provided by them.


Professionalism is essential for any firm which wishes to excel in today’s world. Clients do not want to do business with a firm whose data isn’t secure and futureproof. But after migrating to a data center, this area is well covered.

Colocation providers are usually companies of high repute in their field, especially when compared to a personal office hosting environment. Therefore, as a business owner with a data center based office, you would feel more confident to ensure your potential clients that their data is going into safe hands.


Many business owners avoid migrating to a data center because they feel that they will be giving up on the control they have on their servers. However, when choosing to partner with a datacenter provider such as QuadraNet, you will still receive 24×7 access to the facility, and we also offer a wide variety of free remote hands services to save you a trip to the facility for any quick maintenance you may need done.

While in a personal server environment, you must manually carry out the simplest of tasks in your office. On the other hand, a colocation package generally includes a wide range of remote hands services for the client to use. These usually include remote power control, button pushing, hardware installation, rebooting, etc. Colocation providers also enable the client to continually keep track of their server’s status and give in suggestions at any time of the day by providing a 24/7 on-site support. Therefore, it is safe to say that the client’s ideas are given priority even after migrating to a data center.

Having to take major decisions in life leads one to a stressful period and migrating your office to a data center is no different. However, we at QuadraNet make sure to provide service of the highest quality and help clients reach their business goals. With over a decade of experience, our colocation programs are entirely PCI compliant and come with a wide range of plans for the client to choose from.