Are you still running Windows Server 2003? It’s time to take the leap!


If you are still running Windows Server 2003, consider this:

  • The last service pack was released 6.5 years ago
  • Microsoft’s regular support ended 3 years ago
  • The software is now in “extended support” status
  • All support from Microsoft ends in July 2015

By continuing to run Windows Server 2003, your performance and security issues will continue to become more serious, costing you time and money.   By making the move to Windows Server 2012 on your QuadraNet server, you’ll experience improved performance, enhanced security and compliance features, and superior management ability.

Following the path that Windows XP travelled, Windows 2003 is now approaching an EOL or End of life designation.

Even though Microsoft has been warning that this day would come since April 2013, numerous IT departments have not yet begun to migrate off of the aging server platform. If your organization has not yet developed a migration plan to move off of the Windows 2003 platform, now is the time to give QuadraNet a call and have their techs assist you in the process and review your options.

If you’re looking to tackle this problem on your own, you first step should be a visit to Microsoft’s Windows 2003 End of Service Life website. The site contains numerous resources to assist you in planning a migration including outlining a 4 step migration process to follow.

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Some organizations will realize that their current server infrastructure is in need of an upgrade to be able to support the latest server OS. If you find yourself in this position, now may be the time to consider moving your resources to the cloud. QuadraNet’s Infracloud offer 99.999% uptime, instant scaling and 24/7/365 support.  Contact QuadraNet’s sales department to learn more or use the live sales chat on our home page.

Understanding the true meaning of End of life

With official support terminating on July 14th 2015, you can expect to find yourself in the following situations:

Increased Maintenance Costs: The costs involved in running legacy servers is expensive. Your systems will now be vulnerable and require very expensive firewall, intrusion detection and network segmentation solutions to be put in place to maintain it’s ongoing operability. It’s estimated that an additional $1500 per server expense will be required annually to support each legacy server still running.

No More Updates: In 2013, 37 critical updates were released for Windows Server 2003/R2. Now these types of new issues will go unresolved indefinitely.  Some experts are calling the Windows Server 2003 EOL the biggest security threat of 2015.

No More Compliance:   If your organization requires compliance with HIPPA, PCI, SOX, Dodd-Frank or other compliance rule sets, your legacy system will never pass. These compliance regulations all require supported platforms to be in operation.

No Future Software or Hardware Compatibility:  Upcoming software and new hardware will not be built with Windows Server 2003 compatibility in mind. Your organization will be stuck running on legacy hardware that can not keep up with the growing demands of your business.

While Microsoft itself offers a host of migration help and kits to make the process very smooth, you may find yourself in need of professional help from experts. QuadraNet’s sales and support team is the answer. QuadraNet provides complete solutions to migration issues and a range of upgrade plans and options, thereby ensuring that your organization does not face the threats associated with EOL of Windows Server 2003.

With time running fast, it is time you take the migration leap!