Apple Promotes Eddy Cue – Sr. Vice President

Apple Inc promoted a long time veteran of the company named Eddy Cue to the position of Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services. This is the first transition of staff made by the new CEO – Tim Cook who took over Steve Job’s position last week.

Cue was in charge of the management of the iTunes and App Stores and will now oversee the advertising service called iAd and iCloud – Showing some concentration by Apple into upcoming remote computing products.

Eddy Cue has been at Apple for 22 years and has played a major role in the creation of the iTunes store in 2003, and the App Store in 2008. Having so much experience in the company, Cue has Apple in his blood and surely will help create amazing new products and services.

Apple is in the middle of a transition inside the company itself. They are adapting to new technological advances and preparing themselves to release revolutionary new products like they have in the past. Although Steve Jobs is no longer leading the company, they have great individuals with more than enough experience and creativity to remain the number one company in America.

Announcements have also been made recently about the upcoming release of the iPhone 5 – where Sprint, ATT, and Verizon will be competing as the carriers. This is great news because in the past, ATT had exclusive contracts with Apple, limiting its use to only the ATT network which affected many people but not without an outcry.

Overall, it seems like Apple is changing, and this can only be good with their sharp creative minds. We are very impatient and will be waiting for announcements on these products.