Achieve your New Year’s Goals with QuadraNet

The data irradiated by statistics suggest that as of June, 2017, 51.7% of the world’s population uses the internet in one form or the other at least once in a year. Statistics also state that these numbers are only going to increase as time goes by. In fact, we might see a rise of over 3% in 2018. Therefore, from a hopeful businessman’s perspective, online traffic on websites is set to immensely increase this year. However, there’s still no certainty if your online site will be able to handle such a large number of traffic. This is where QuadraNet kicks in.

Services provided by QuadraNet include dedicated servers for websites, colocation, cloud hosting and other enterprise-related solutions. Therefore, in umbrella terms, one could expect their online firm to attain complete security, responsiveness, and reliability if they were to take benefits of services provided by us.

What stands QuadraNet apart is our widely distributed, geographically diverse data center locations which include the profoundly connected cities of Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago and New Jersey.

Dedicated Servers by QuadraNet

There stands no doubt that if a firm wishes to survive in today’s world, it must have a completely functional online website to represent itself. Apart from good content, a successful online firm is built through investment in various fields. However, most amateur entrepreneurs today try to skip some of these fields, resulting in their firm to develop substantial vulnerability. One such area of online investment is having a dedicated server for your business.

Apart from providing real time smoothness and faster page load times to those with heavy traffic or size, dedicated servers also greatly enhance the security of the online site. It is a known fact that on a shared server, an individual would probably be rivaled by other firms who are on the same server. Therefore, your website’s is as good as shared server providers as they have many rivals on the same server sending and receiving data which must be handled. On the other hand, a dedicated server would only be limited to handling a single site’s data and prevent its data from encountering any malicious actions. It can be argued that anyone with a site receiving sensitive information from its users or exchanging secretive data must use a dedicated server.

Another area where a dedicated server betters shared servers is power efficiency and maneuverability. Since a dedicated server only focuses on one site’s data, the overall power required is minimal as compared to other forms of servers.

The dedicated servers provided by us are of top notch quality. Some of their main features include:

  • Customization options: Each client carries a different picture of dedicated server requirements. Therefore, we at QuadraNet provide a large number of packages for the client to choose from according to their site’s requirements.
  • Premium Network Connectivity for high quality performance: With over 15 years of engineering expertise, QuadraNet provides a tailormade network interface for a boost in real time site performance.
  • 99.999% Network Uptime: The engineers at QuadraNet make sure to provide optimum stability to its users and the numbers suggest that a customer at QuadraNet should expect less than 5 minutes of server downtime in a month.
  • 100% Power Uptime: The confidence levels of QuadraNet officials are high when it comes to power productivity. In fact, we claim that if a user encounters power disruption while being a customer at QuadraNet, they (the client) may claim back the credits from their account.
  • Quick setup and deployment times: With a dedicated department (known as Provisioning Department) at QuadraNet, new users can expect their orders to be fulfilled within 24 hours of placing them.
  • High Port Speeds: QuadraNet offers as much as 1GbPS port speeds to its dedicated server users.
  • 24x7x365 on-site support: There is no doubt that every customer – no disrespect as to their abilities – encounters problems with their product at one time or the other. Well, with QuadraNet, these problems are easily fixable with our free 24x7x365 on-site support engineers available to answer your queries.

Colocation by QuadraNet

Every online firm reaches a certain point in its lifetime when it has to move from a personal server environment to a datacenter. This is done when the firm reaches a point when its data is not handleable by a small set of workers; rather, a larger group of experts is required. In technical terms, this is exactly what colocation means.

Colocation is a corporate service which provides administrative flexibility to its users. This service is highly beneficial for any growing business as it helps the user in various areas of business management. Since the service is generally operated by a group of experts, you can expect an overall experience enhancement in areas such as overall cost, site maintenance, security, bandwidth, and support.

Colocation requires a third party data center, a group of experts handling the shared data, good connectivity hardware, and for most people also keeping the cost as low as possible. However, colocation services provided by QuadraNet tick all the boxes in the checklist by providing high quality services at a budget friendly cost. Moreover, we also provide a plethora of complimentary “remote hands” services for our customers to avail without having to pay a single cent from their pocket. Some of these complimentary services include:

  • 24/7 power control with rebooting capabilities
  • Button pushing
  • External device attachment/movement (CDROM, KVMIP, Adapters, etc)
  • Blade Server additions
  • Hot/Cold swappable PSUs
  • Screen readouts
  • Initial server racking and initial cabinet wiring labor (client must provide rack rails when necessary and cabling/material)

Apart from the above complimentary remote hands services, we also offer upgradable service options along with is colocation program. These extra services are provided by us at flat rates keeping the budget of our customers in mind. Some of these services include:

  • Download, burn, and attach ISO  @ $25
  • Internal HDD replace/install  @ $25
  • RAM replace/install @ $25
  • Motherboard replace/install @ $35
  • Add-on PCI card install @ $25
  • BIOS configuration/troubleshooting up to 15 minutes @ $25
  • Rack new server / Run neat cabling / Record port attachment @ $25/server

Apart from the aforementioned “remote hands” services, our colocation packages are also known to provide various other features to the customer. Some of these features are as follows:

  • Intuitive NEO Client Portal: We provide a proprietary customer management system called the NEO Client Portal for our customers to manage their programs with QuadraNet.
  • Free IPv4/IPv6 Announcements: Have your own IP space? We provide free IP announcements, just provide a LOA!
  • DDoS Protection: All of our colocation packages include 3Gbps of QuadraNet’s VEST Detect and Mitigate DDoS Protection.
  • BGP Sessions: We provide free BGP sessions to our users.
  • KVM attachments: We provide on-demand KVM attachments to your server upon request. No extra charge whatsoever is required for this service.

Server Management by QuadraNet

At its initial state, any company’s servers can be handled by average level IT officials. However, with time, every growing online business reaches a point where it flaunts the need of an increase in number of officials in the form of IT experts. But not every corporation can afford a proper IT workstation for servers whilst paying the officials working on it within their company’s headquarters. So, what do they do in this situation? Well, Server Management by QuadraNet is the answer.

Running on the Intelligent Monitoring Platform (IMP), Proactive Server Management by QuadraNet minimizes the IT efforts required by the client to a great extent. Basically, the IMP technology is a technology which constantly monitors the server of the client, and if there is an issue, our officials are immediately notified of it for them to work on without giving the client any inconvenience. However, if a client wishes to exclude the IMP technology from their server management package, we also provide a cheaper alternative in Reactive Server Management program wherein the client provides the details to their server issues and our staff resolves it.

Proactive Server Management by Quadranet is available for $39 per month and can be availed by any client (in most cases) operating under our dedicated servers, colocated devices or InfraCloud programs. Some of the highlighted features of this server management program include:

  • Intelligent Server Monitoring: As mentioned above, our Proactive Server Management package comes with the IMP technology which constantly monitors the client’s servers and resolves any bugs without giving any convenience to the client.
  • Physical hardware management & replacement
  • Backup & Restoration assistance
  • Custom DNS configuration
  • Security hardening (rootkit hunter, ClamAV antivirus, CSF – software firewall installation and configuration, securing sshd, and more)
  • Apache, PHP, MySQL Updates
  • Best-effort support for 3rd party applications
  • Kernel Upgrades, OS Patches
  • Free server migration from remote system with the same control panel
  • Management of all aspects of the operating system, help and troubleshooting of any issues that are related to the operating system or control panel (i.e. cPanel/WHM)

VEST DDoS Protection

As most online businessmen would know, not all traffic on the internet is clean and free of malware. A single malicious attack and your online site could be in jeopardy with an unpredictable amount of downtime. One such attack is the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack.

A Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS Attack is one where a network of malicious traffic attacks a particular body connected to a single network. These attacks flood the body’s infrastructure leading to a denial of service to the actual owners of the body.

In usual circumstances, DDoS attacks last between 6 to 24 hours and lead to a loss between $50,000 to $100,000 per hour with respect to the company along with an obvious loss of consumer confidence and degraded site performance. However, according to statistics tracked in May, 2017, it was shown that the loss could even be as high as $2.5 million per attack. Statistics also suggest that mainstream organizations were hit by over 230 such DDoS attacks on average in a month in the 3rd quarter of 2017. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the figures are only going to increase with the arrival of the new year. But with our VEST DDoS Protection program, these attacks can be considered a thing of the past.

QuadraNet’s DDoS Protection program comes pre-installed along with our servers with speeds up to 3GbPS and 1.5 million packets per second. Our protection program creates a filtering barrier between the servers and the traffic. Now, whenever traffic connects to the client’s server, our program utilizes a multi-layer scrubbing solution that detects DDoS attacks and filters and mitigates the bad traffic within milliseconds.

With a little additional cost, we provide an “always on and active” program with speeds as much as more than 50 GBPS and custom solutions. The “always on and active” program adds extra features like network anomaly mitigation, larger traffic capacity, free of cost one time attack reports, proactive management system and much more.

We also take special orders for dedicated VEST DDoS Protection plans which is a further upgrade on our “always on and active” program and operates under the Custom-built DDoS Detection scheme. The dedicated VEST DDoS Protection also includes upgraded features like cloud based mitigations, larger traffic capacity, and much more.

Our aim for this new year is to consistently improve our services as we have for the past 17 years whilst providing quality assistance to our customers. We look forward to serving everyone within our reach and making 2018 a memorable year for them!

Contact us today to devise an infrastructure strategy for your business this new year!