About QuadraNet

QuadraNet, Inc. was originally formed in 2001 as a telecommunications provider in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. As our client base grew, we adapted to the evolving industries and expanded our service offerings over time to encompass a larger variety of Internet-based products and services.

We eventually grew to become a full-service data center provider, offering colocation, dedicated servers, cluster management, and complex hosting solutions. Over the past decade, with the assistance of very talented individuals, QuadraNet has grown to become one of the largest providers in Los Angeles, California for dedicated servers, colocation, cloud hosting, and bandwidth.

As of 2004, QuadraNet, Inc. operates space in the LA Telecom Center building, located in downtown Los Angeles at 530 West 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014. The building is directly adjacent to the One Wilshire building at 624 South Grand. One Wilshire is dubbed “The World’s most connected data center building” due to its large concentration of fiber from various backbones and internet peers. QuadraNet has a private collection of over 400 fiber strands entering the One Wilshire Meet-Me-Room to our private cage.

As we have grown, we have had to expand our data center footprints and have found that building out individual data centers as we expand has proven to be to our advantage as we are able to segregate facilities from one another to provide redundancy, resiliency, and performance. QuadraNet is now available in Dallas, TX, Miami, FL, and the most recent Atlanta, GA.

With evolving cyber security threats and an increasingly complex regulatory environment, a greater emphasis is being placed on the relationships companies build with their chosen IT providers. HIPPA_Hosting
Beyond ensuring critical data and systems are protected physically, IT solutions that are backed by the proper policies and procedures, including guidelines for practices such as employee training, media handling and sanitization, and encryption, are becoming key for compliance.

QuadraNet’s network is HIPAA compliant. If your company or your customers deal with sensitive data such as medical records you must be HIPAA compliant.

To learn more about HIPAA compliance click here.

Our NOC (Network Operations Center) is staffed 24/7 by industry professionals with years of IT experience. We adhere to stringent standards when provisioning and working on server hardware and data center equipment, guaranteeing you the highest level of service possible.

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Reducing Data Center Cost with an Air-Side Economizer


  • An air-side economizer brings outside air into a building and distributes it to the servers. Instead of being re-circulated and cooled, the exhaust air from the servers is simply directed outside. If the outside air is particularly cold, the economizer may mix it with the exhaust air so its temperature and humidity fall within the desired range for the equipment.
  • The air-side economizer is integrated into a central air handling system with ducting for both intake and exhaust; its filters reduce the amount of particulate matter, or contaminants, that are brought into the data center.
  • Because data centers must be cooled 24/7, 365 days per year, air-side economizers may even make sense in hot climates, where they can take advantage of cooler evening or winter air temperatures.

Did you know?

  • Intel IT conducted a proof-of-concept test that used an air-side economizer to cool servers with 100% outside air at temperatures of up to 90°F. Intel estimates that a 500kW facility will save $144,000 annually and that a 10MW facility will save $2.87 million annually. Also, the company found no significant difference between failure rates using outside air and an HVAC system.