5 Qualities to Look for in a Dedicated Server Provider

Dedicated hosting services can be immensely beneficial to organizations that experience large traffic volumes. Having a specialized location that takes care of everything related to the smooth operation of your business server-side is not only a massive advantage – it also gives you the extra room to grow. Choosing a reliable provider often leads to improvements across the board – from reduced overhead to a higher return on investment. This is achieved thanks to the security, storage space, flexibility and support that ensure your organization keeps on operating in an impeccable fashion.

The choice of dedicated hosting, then, is easily explained. The real question is, how do you know you have made the right one? There are plenty of providers out there, and you can be sure all of them are going to try to convince you that their service has all you will ever need. Words may not translate that well into actions, however – this is where we help you in sifting through the options.

We have already posted an article on the important qualities you should look for in a colocation provider. Now, it’s time to cover dedicated servers. As with any type of service, there are some essential aspects that make a provider stand out compared to the competition when it comes to dedicated hosting. We have picked the top five which we believe are the most significant, complete with detailed explanations so that you can gather all the necessary information on their impact and how to discern them. Our main goal is to provide you with the knowledge you want and deserve so your choice is one based on facts and, ultimately, one that is a perfect fit for your organization.

1 – Advanced DDoS mitigation

Our list starts with a provider’s ability to protect you against cyberattacks, and particularly DDoS. Why? Because distributed denial of service is a threat that is ever-present and one that almost every server with voluminous amounts of receiving traffic faces at some point.

If you are looking at dedicated hosting, you most likely know how DDoS attacks work and what makes them the nuisance they are. These assaults can have an overwhelmingly negative impact on your business, and if left to run rampant for an extended period of time they can inflict serious damage – often in the six-digit regions. Money is not the only thing your business stands to lose when under a DDoS attack, however. A breach can often lead to further, more grave consequences. DDoS may very well open the door for more destructive assaults unless appropriate measures are taken. It goes without saying, but your business can potentially lose a great deal of customers as well – nobody likes being denied access, after all. You can expect your clientele to be patient and understanding, but only to a certain extent. The handling of a DDoS threat is something your dedicated server provider should always be ready for, especially in times when this type of cyberattack is wildly popular and an amateur can learn how to launch a botnet assault in a matter of hours.

The best way to ensure your business never suffers prolonged DDoS attacks is to look for a service that deals with emerging threats in a proactive manner by deploying specialized protection tools. At QuadraNet, we have fully embraced this approach with our VEST DDoS protection, powered by Radware. We don’t wait for an attack to become menacing before we take any measures. Instead, VEST works round the clock to monitor inbound traffic and filters out malicious activity as soon as it is detected. That way, continued server operation with zero downtime is guaranteed and your business remains unhindered, sparing you from any headaches and potentially disastrous outcomes.

If you want to learn more about DDoS and why it’s important to have excellent protection against it, check out our article on the subject here.

2 – Readily available support at all times

Another paramount quality your dedicated server provider must possess is an emphasis on outstanding support, both in tech and customer matters. It may sound like a cliché, yet only because it’s true – while a dedicated hosting service includes providing the desired hardware and operating system, there is much more to it than that.

A provider that knows what they’re doing will have 24×7 support that is ready to assist with any task or question, from hardware replacement to general inquiries. Speaking of hardware replacement, the time frames for such decisions must be expeditive and well-communicated – starting from the scheduling of a discussion all the way to the end. An upfront, professional provider will have no trouble in setting clear periods for performing these actions, as well as meeting them in an efficient manner. Reputation and feedback are really your only sources of information here, as the dependability on a provider in such matters becomes apparent only after the fact.

Regardless, your choice of dedicated hosting service should include round-the-clock, on-site support. Servers don’t know what non-business hours are, and unexpected issues may arise no matter what. Having experts resolve them before your business takes a hit in any way, shape or form is crucial to every organization. This is why at QuadraNet you will find true on-site 24x7x365 support, always ready to help you on location to the best of their ability. None of our support channels are outsourced, and we are ready to respond at any given time. Furthermore, we offer fast and efficient hardware replacement times that ensure your servers suffer minimal downtime.

3 – A premium location

Opting for dedicated server hosting in a premium location gives your organization a plethora of benefits. The most significant one is infrastructure. It is no secret that the major Internet hubs in the United States can be found in the business centers, which also happen to be some of the busiest metropolises. Thus, dedicated hosting services in such regions are much more capable of meeting the demands of an organization that receives traffic from all over the country and beyond, due to the top-tier web infrastructure available.

This is what we call a premium location. Simply offering a service there is not enough, however. What separates the great providers from the good ones is the presence of efficient multi-homing, excellent routing optimization and reliable protection against cyberattacks. We already talked about the importance of being safe from DDoS, but there are other indispensable characteristics that are invaluable for a smooth, trouble-free and high-quality dedicated hosting experience. A multi-homed, performance-oriented network that is developed to perfection is a massive advantage, resulting in better operation and reduced costs. Similarly, tools that optimize routing are always beneficial to a server thanks to the solutions they provide to latency and packet loss.

It is important to look for an immaculate service that is available in premium locations and possesses all the necessary aspects that ensure connection is as fast and reliable as possible. At QuadraNet, we are happy to inform you that you will find all of that – we offer dedicated server hosting in Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, and New Jersey. Moreover, our multi-homed, custom-built network is the result of over fifteen years of experience in the datacenter field and guarantees an uptime of 99.999% as per our Service Level Agreement. We also make sure routing is optimized at all times thanks to Noction’s Intelligent Routing Platform, with effective reductions in latency and packet loss of 27% and 87%, respectively. We aim to not only provide you with a selection of premium locations, but also with the internal environment your servers need in order to keep your business ahead of the curve.

4 – Enhanced internal security

External threats such as DDoS attacks are not the only way your dedicated server may be compromised. Exploits that arise out of internal mechanisms are a frequent occurrence, too – take for example the 2014 Supermicro IPMI exploit, which unintentionally made tens of thousands of systems broadcast extremely sensitive data such as admin passwords to the public. All one needed to do was connect to a specific port and there would be all sort of valuable data before them. Needless to say, a patch was quickly introduced, but considerable damage to hundreds of businesses had already been done.

There isn’t an organization that would ever want to run the risk of cleaning such a mess, which is why it is imperative to have features at your disposal that prevent and negate such unfavorable situations before they turn into a major problem. The best solution is to look for dedicated hosting that introduces extra layers of security as far as the IPMI is concerned.

Our QuadraNet dedicated servers have never been affected by IPMI exploits, because access to the IPMI cannot be public to begin with. What really sets us apart is the inclusion of a private network with each and every one of our servers – VPN connection is required in order to gain access. This protects the IPMI and eliminates any vulnerabilities to exploits, whether accidental or not.

5 – Cutting-edge hardware and software

Last but not least, when choosing a dedicated hosting service, you are most likely looking for a productive, long-term relationship that meets your demands every step of the way. This means having available the necessary hardware and software to ensure an experience that goes above and beyond the average expectations.

Naturally, enterprise-level hardware is a must. This should be integral to your choice, as opting for a sub-par level of hardware will bring about only headaches, empty promises and, ultimately, a net loss for your organization. It doesn’t matter how amazing the provider’s network is or how well-protected it is – if you settle for poor hardware quality, you won’t ever get to these elements without major hiccups. And besides, if a service isn’t offering you exceptional hardware, the most likely scenario is that other critical aspects are lacking as well.

Hardware is not the only thing you must consider – any in-house features that a provider is willing to offer you are very welcome, if not mandatory. Having such options is a telltale sign of a service worth choosing, and the main factor that differentiates excellent dedicated hosting from the ocean of mediocrity on the market. Furthermore, a competent and customer-oriented provider should possess the required flexibility to entertain custom specs, instead of just giving you a list of available options and calling it there.

At QuadraNet, one of our main objectives is for our infrastructure to grow as you grow. As such, we aim to provide you with the latest in enterprise-level hardware – from single and dual processor servers to SAN & storage servers, our mission is to ensure your selection is anything but limited. In addition to the above, you can always contact us for a personalized, custom setup. That is not where your QuadraNet experience ends, however – we also offer you our proprietary customer management system, called the NEO client portal. It serves as a Master Control Panel where you have total control of your server. With features like automatic OS installation and reinstallation, on-demand rDNS and PTR records, comprehensive DDoS reports, new server and billing options and much, much more, our in-house built NEO client portal is the epitome of flexibility for your dedicated server hosting needs.

Dedication to Dedicated Servers

In this article we outlined our five main characteristics of a dedicated server provider that stands out compared to the competition. The decision behind this selection is based on our in-depth observations and over 15 years of experience in the industry. We believe that every potential customer deserves to make an informed decision, and we realize that sometimes this may prove to be a difficult task, which is why we hope you found this article useful as you decide on what we hope is the ideal dedicated hosting provider for you.

In conclusion, there are five key qualities you should look for in a dedicated server provider – these range from security in the face of both external and internal threats to beneficial aspects such as a premium location, multi-homed and optimized network and enterprise-level hardware with an emphasis on attention to the customer and advanced management features. It is our everyday goal at QuadraNet to check all these boxes and improve on them, ensuring that we present our customers with the opportunities they deserve – the synergy between them and us is what motivates us to strive towards providing a service whose hallmarks are outstanding performance, impenetrable protection and unmatched levels of support and flexibility.

We are here to help get you on an ideal dedicated server solution!

We are always available for free advice, and can customize a worry-free dedicated server hosting solution for your business. Our team of dedicated server experts would be happy to evaluate your requirements, and let you know of any ways that you can leverage our position, proven track record, and experience to provide you with a service quality improvement, cost savings, and more likely than not – a mix of the two. Contact us today at sales@quadranet.com or give us a call at 1-888-578-2372.