4 Current Tech KickStarters to Support

KickStarter is always my go-to spot the innovative ideas about to hit the tech world. However, technology isn’t always about the new, but about taking what we have and upgrading it. That is the theme behind these four KickStarters. Enjoy!


Flash back to the early 80’s and mid 90’s and the Polaroid camera was all the craze. Why not? Capture the memory in the moment while it’s still fresh.  The SnapJet is a mobile photo printer for your smartphone. It’s easy to use and uses actual Polaroid film so no need for costly and hard to find photo paper. Just pull out your smart phone, lay it on the printer and less than a minute later it’s done. One of the cool things about SnapJet is they plan on releasing all there tech for developers to use as they see fit. Who knows what cool and innovative uses future KickStarters may do with it?


router (1)The KEEWIFI Router is a new school router with a great and intelligent design ready to change the router game forever. No more insane hard to remember passwords which can still be cracked. The KEEWIFI Router allows a simple tap to authenticate the device and you’re connected. No more complex set-up either. Just plug in the power cord and Ethernet cable and its ready to go.  There is also an android and iOS app that allows more control over the WIFI network. Some features include the banning of users, a certain amount of hours per device, and much more. Not to mention it has a more stylish look then the typical router with antennas going every which way.

ezgif-2535787163Plan V

Plan V is a new and convenient way to charge your cell phone. Forgot your charger? Don’t feel like carrying a back-up battery wherever you go? Thanks to the Plan V you don’t have to. It’s small enough to hook onto a key chain. You just plug it in to the cell phone and connect a 9-Volt battery and watch it charge. Grocery stores, mini-marts, 7-11 wherever they sell 9-volts you can now have a quick alternative way to charge your phone. For $15 dollars or less you really can’t argue with that. Current versions allow up to 4 hours of talk time on the iPhone 5s.


The Helios are the world’s first wireless solar powered headphones. Charging its self with the sun it saves time, money and delivers clean energy in the process. One hour in the sun delivers ½ an hour of music at full power. When fully charged it will work for 15 hours straight. It still has a micro USB port to charge a more traditional way if in a hurry. Its blue-toothed enabled so it will connect to your WIFI enabled device or smart phone. 156fda091fced7c880262cef56e5af4f_largeThere is also a built in microphone for the smooth transition to a phone call why listening to music. Sadly, of the 4 KickStarters Helios is the only one that has yet to meet its goal so please support if you can!